What people say about us…

For the past two years I’ve used your service for doing my taxes.

I asked my case manager (Pat White VA HUD VASH)for a place that would help me & both times your representatives were there on time & more than will to assist me. They were kind & showed great compassion know I need help.
What’s the best thing is they Volunteered no one paid them for this kindness (from what I gathered).

Receiving this kindness and paying it forward makes the world we live in a better place for us all.

Thank you,


It was a great experience and they were super nice.

For many years I worked for United Way of Berks County as a fundraiser, so that is how I even knew about the VITA program to begin with. I’m a single mom now and really couldn’t afford to pay someone to do my taxes this year, but since I also became self employed I didn’t feel confident enough to do them myself. I was very grateful for the service and will definitely use it again next year, unless I win the lottery and make too much money ;).


I would just like to let you know that the service you provide to the community is so important,I have been using the service since it first started .The staff are very helpful the gentleman that did my taxes this year was very helpful in every way so once again thank you so much.


Thank you! Always the experience itself with any, and all of you, is fruitful, invigorating, and amazingly rewarding. And doesn’t matter what is going on, things always are taken care with a proper care and professionalism.

Wish all the best of the best, and thank you again for been part of our community and my life.

Best wishes


To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take this time and tell you how much of a blessing this has been to me over the past several years. Thank you all so very much for what you do and may each and everyone of you have Gods’ continued blessings in your lives.



Everyone at Vita were very polite and nice we will be back thank you so much for the quick service it was great.

Even though I owe in every category, the LTM VITA folks gave me solid advice to avoid this tax payment next year.

I truly hope this program continues in the future. The people at the Hannum Ave. location are top notch and I did not feel at all “stigmatized” due to Mental Health issues, SSD and the fact that I could never afford this service if this did not exist.
In past years, I’d struggle for weeks trying to accomplish this on my own. I’ve tried Turbo Tax but felt the “mechanical” approach of that program, which makes it rather generic in the way it was able to help me.
LTM VITA also advised me to start a folder immediately to gather papers and information all year long so when April 15 begins to loom next year I will be ready.

So, AGAIN, Thank YOU!